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Capital lift take care of supply of Elevators and Escalators . Each supply will under go stringent quality control to make sure that the right product is delivered to the customer at the right price and right time.

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Why Capital Lift ?

At CAPITAL LIFT we are fast and we are flexible. We have created a functional structure that includes lean production, documented processes and an effective logistics infrastructure to be able to respond in time to any project, ensuring record fast delivery for standard products.


Is to be preferable supplier of vertical transportation in Egypt and Middle East region .

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Is to improve the quality and safety of vertical transportation industrial introduced to market

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People Development - Customer Satisfaction - Highest Quality - Safety Standard - Innovation .

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Who We Are?

Capital For Elevators & Escalators .

CAPITAL - LIFT for Elevators has proved its worth of innovation and experience within Egypt and Gulf Area. Above all Our superior ability to design elevators to suit the different needs of each case made us a privilege elevators and lifts providers. As we always seek to provide help and consultation to our clients regards the elevators installation, maintenance and design. With devoted teamwork between all the departments to work cooperatively, in order to provide all solutions and suggestions for installation of elevators even in the most challenging places and deliver a comprehensive lift maintenance.

CAPITAL - LIFT Elevators’ Italian technology is a significant feature that ensures a superior quality, in addition to our after-sales service and warranty for five years with maintenance.

CAPITAL-LIFT For Elevators & Escalators .

Our Factories enables us to provide all types of elevators according to the client’s needs.

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