Maintenance service is considered the most important phase after the Elevator installation and it is considered to be the key factor in having a longer life for the Elevators and Escalators.

Maintenance Service always provides its business partners with quality and professional maintenance services along with Safety, Financial, and Comfort benefits.

CAPITAL-LIFT’s Maintenance Activities:

Periodic visits from CAPITAL-LIFT’s staff to perform a regular check of all safety and vital elements of the Elevator(s), as well as all necessary adjustments of required parts for maximum efficiency.

During every visit, CAPITAL-LIFT’s servicemen will perform the greasing and cleaning of all elements that require lubricants.

 CAPITAL-LIFT’s representatives will attend all call out notices to correct the failures of the Elevator and put it back to normal and safe operation.

CAPITAL-LIFT’s will repair and replace all the faulty parts of the Elevator and will notify the client of the same.

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